The Mauritius Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Pravind Jugnauth has not responded to more than 40% of the PQs and the Prime Minister’s Questions as from the start of this session of the Legislative Assembly since 28 March 2017. Out of each Five questions, he has not responded Two. Again he has proved to be very far from being a statesman. The position of Prime Minster does not suit him at all and if it were not given to him by SAJ on a Father and Son deal, he would have never been a Prime Minister in the course of his life. Pravind Jugnauth is the Prime Minister, illegitimate, ONCE AND LAST in his whole life.

Parlement: 158 questions sur 568 sans réponse
Presque 30 %. Depuis la première séance parlementaire cette année, soit le 28 mars, sur les 568 questions inscrites au Parlement, 158 d’entre elles n…
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