Dave Kissoondoyal’s family members comprise of the following:

Dave Kissoondoyalhusband

Devika Kissoondoyalwife

Devashree Kissoondoyaldaughter

Shivashree Kissoondoyaldaughter

Bhagyashree Kissoondoyaldaughter

Gitashree Kissoondoyaldaughter

Aryan Kissoondoyal

Dave Kissoondoyal was married to Miss Rameshwaree Ramlugon, ex-Secretary at the European Union (ex EEC) on the 26th August 1990. After nearly two and a half years of happy married life, Dave lost his wife, following a Cesarean Surgery for the second child delivery. From 13th January 1993 to 26th July 1997, Dave gave both paternal and maternal affection to his two daughters, Devashree and Shivashree, until he was married to Miss Devika Khulputeea.

Devika Kissoondoyal cared for the two children to her best and has been able to establish a friendship relationship with them.

Devika gave birth to two daughters, Bhagyashree and Gitashree and one son, Aryan.

Though Devika is a qualified beautician, she has given up her job to be able to care the five children they have. There is an everlasting understanding in the family and Dave Kissoondoyal says that he has the best family in the world.

There is a saying that there is always a wife behind the success of every man. This is confirmed through the Kissoondoyal couple. Devika has always been of support to Dave in every sphere of life.

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