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Dave Kissoondoyal
Again he has proved to be a #FakeLeader and very very far from being a Statesman. He mentioned that he scolded Soodhun over the phone. As if a parent is reprimanding a child for mischief.
Pertaining to the seriousness of the matter, he cannot even summon his VPM for a face to face meeting in his office…as the latter “envoye li ene grand ferfoute”.
Since he is a Prime Minister “l’imposte”, he does not have any authority on his ministers and parliamentarians…Nobody has any respect for him and nobody listens to him.
He is so weak on leadership, he does not have the capacity and the capability to sanction Soodhun and other persons who are putting his Government to disgrace.
History will never forgive Pravind Jugnauth for the harm he is doing to this country. SAJ was right to advise Pravind Jugnauth not to be in Polictics as he knows the capability of his son. But now, SAJ is also to blame for the current state of this country and he will be hostilely remembered for the bad legacy he has left for our motherland.
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July 22, 2017 at 10:31PM

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