Works in relation to the welfare of Children

One of the main objectives of Dave Kissoondoyal is to work for the welfare of the community especially those that are vulnerable and who need help. In this respect, much effort was concentrated for the welfare of Children. His stay at Save the Children was remarkable since he was fully engaged in the activities of the Association and held important posts such as Secretary, Treasurer and President. As a volunteer, he has been continuously struggling for the betterment of the Mauritian Child. He has operated at all levels, be in the advocacy level, influencing the policies, at the grass root level with the communities, in Emergency relief, Training, national and regional levels.


He was involved in various sensitization campaigns such as “Consolidation de la famille pour la protection et bien-etre des enfants” and on “ Early Childhood Development”. He was in the organisation of the salon de l’enfance. The aim of the salon was to take stock of the services offered by the Government and NGOs towards the welfare of children and secondly to sensitize the population on Children issues. He was also involved with counseling to children in distress.


As Secretary of the Save the Children Mauritius, he organised and participated actively in street exhibitions on Children’s Rights throughout the whole island. He has been actively propagating the Rights of the Child and promoting the UN Convention of the Rights of the Child. He participated in the preparation of a pamphlet “Conseil aux Parents”. He conducted a survey to collect children’s views on specific issues. He also launched the child oriented and leisure activities for Children at the Save the Children Centre at Vacoas. He organised various film shows for children in different regions


To safeguard a better future of the children, Dave Kissoondoyal is convinced that the community must be empowered. He launched various Community Development projects with the support of the local community. Examples are Creve Coeur, Chamarel and Baie de Tombeau. In Creve Coeur, a library was set up and medical screening done.


When Dave Kissoondoyal was the Treasurer of the Save the Children Mauritius, he was engaged in the setting up of the Eglantyne Jebb Training centre for disabled children and school dropouts. He organised the forum on “Adolescent et les parents” and the workshop leading to the Casela Declaration in connection to the World Summit on Social Development. He was also engaged in the joint collaboration between Save the Children Mauritius and the Jeune Chambre Economique de Beau Bassin – Rose Hill on the organisation of the Play and Leisure Day. He also initiated the setting up of a Leisure ground for disabled children at Vacoas.


Dave played an important role in drafting the alternate report on the Convention of the Rights of the Child submitted to the UN Committee of the Rights of the Child. Having followed the training of trainers course from the International Save the Children Alliance, he conducted a training course for NGOs and Government Officials on the 2nd and 3rd April 1996. Dave Kissoondoyal attended the World Congress on the Social Commercial Exploitation of Children in Stockholm, Sweden.


Dave had set up the Rodrigues Emergency Relief Operation to bring help to the people especially children of Rodrigues. Similarly he was behind the setting up of the Madagascar Relief Operation , Rwanda Relief Operation and Hollanda Relief Operation. He had set up a training Centre for school dropouts and disabled children at Rodrigues, including a library, medical check-ups for children and nutrition course for mothers.


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